CHASSE Integrates Hands-On Learning at Frank Elementary

CHASSE may be a general contractor with a specialty in the K-12 sector, but it goes beyond building schools. An important aspect on every project is making sure we involve the students, staff, and community. While on campus at Tempe Elementary School District’s Frank Elementary School, CHASSE has been integrating hands-on learning with the students. This allows students to learn about the construction process, have first hand experience on the construction of their new school, and learn about the different career paths the construction industry offers.

CHASSE held school-wide student assemblies on campus to introduce students to topics like construction and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The presentations talked about all the different components that make-up a construction site. They talked about earth movers, concrete, masonry, roofers, electricians, and so much more! Students were taken through the construction process from preconstruction, to under construction, to the completion of a project! Students were taught how STEM is applied to many careers in the construction field. Lastly, students learned all about safety on projects sites, especially on their school campus!

After students learned the foundation of construction and the many different career paths it has to offer, students were able to interview the Frank Elementary project team. Partnering with Frank Elementary, students curated their own interview questions for each individual project team member and lead their own interviews which they filmed, recorded, and edited.

Students learned about our Director of Virtual Construction, John, who works with our preconstruction team. During the interview they learned about drones and even got to see one fly! The students also interviewed, Tom, Project Superintendent. They learned everything about working in the field and supervising a project from start to finish. During Tom’s interview, students dressed in safety gear and received a tour of their brand new school that is currently under construction. The site tour gave the students live exposure to construction and to see everything they’ve learned in action.

Before the semester ended, CHASSE held Construction Days for all of the students! Construction Days offered the students a hands-on experience with building materials and methods. There were four stations. The first station was all about power tools! Students learned about safety while handling power tools and learned how to drill screws into plywood. At the second station, students learned about carpet design and had to work together to mirror the carpet layout provided. The third station taught students about irrigation systems. Students were able to build an irrigation system and learn about the sprinklers in their fields. Lastly, the students went to the fourth station where they were able to sign a piece of drywall that will go in the ceiling of their new school!

CHASSE is currently working on Frank Elementary School in Guadalupe, Arizona. The pre-K through 5th grade school is undergoing a complete school rebuild while the campus remains active. The new school will include three new buildings, 37 new classrooms, an administrative building, and multipurpose building. Construction is slated to finish before the 2019-2020 school year.