CHASSE Building Team is proud to report we've worked well over 1,000,000 hours with zero recordable injuries.


Approximately 90% of our projects are completed on occupied sites. We understand how to keep your community safe!

Safety, it’s what we do. The health and safety of the community, the CHASSE team, and our subcontractors is the most important aspect of the work we perform. On every CHASSE project, you can expect a custom site safety plan that incorporates feedback from our subcontractors and project team members to ensure all work is conducted safely and all project-specific hazards are identified and mitigated.

Additionally, all subcontractors and the project team are required to attend a project specific safety orientation. Everyone is able to observe and understand our safety culture, company core values, and our expectations. On top of the safety orientation, every team member is required to submit a daily Pre-Task Safety Plan which focuses on silica and the OSHA Focus 4 – Fall, Electrocutions, Struck-By, and Caught Between. This form allows each subcontractor to line out their employees for their daily tasks while encouraging a group effort when coming up with ways to protect crews and others from potential hazards.

Focus 4 Hazards: Since this program was implemented, Chasse has received high praise from OSHA and many subcontractors have adopted the form as their own.

The image above represents the weekly safety stand-down meeting that all CHASSE projects have to discuss current, past, and future safety issues and their solutions. We thank all of our amazing subcontractor partners as frequently as possible for their combined efforts at working safely with Safety Celebration events whenever we reach key milestones!

As our name says ‘CHASSE Building Team,’ we believe that safety is a ‘Team’ matter and all craftsmen on each project are members of the Safety Team.