Built different, on purpose. Barry Chasse’s vision to create CHASSE Building Team in 2007 is founded on the concept of team work and building to make a difference; a difference in collaborating and giving back to the Arizona communities we serve and making construction more than just building. Barry started his career in construction nearly three decades ago as a project coordinator earning only $6 per hour. Literally starting from the bottom and learning the ins and outs of all aspects of construction. In the past ten years, Barry has cultivated his company from 10 original employees to over 150 located in Phoenix and Tucson. This has led to CHASSE investing over $3.5 million into charitable causes with a particular emphasis on child-focused philanthropy and efforts that benefit the education of our future leaders.

OUR PURPOSE: Building to make a difference...with our teammates, our client’s building experience, and with our community!



Investing in our people. Our dynamic team is driven by passion, community, colleagues and building the foundation to become a destination company. CHASSE cultivates an environment that encourages development, growth and places emphasis on aligning individual goals with our mutual pursuit of success.


Best builder. Every time. Our process is continuously refined through the adoption of Lean principles and reevaluation of how we can more effectively and efficiently complete our projects on time, on budget, and provide clients with an amazing experience. We are committed to creating win-win solutions on every project.


Clients first. Always. Our approach is different than many of our competitors. Partnering with clients and architects to successfully complete each project is just the beginning. Every build is a journey that starts with an idea and CHASSE Building Team creates custom strategies to succeed for each project.



Our teammates are passionate about loving what they do and having fun while doing it.


We strive for partnership by working together with our clients. We look for ways to do more and exceed your expectations in every aspect of building.


Lastly, our excellent reputation is the ultimate scorecard at CHASSE Building Team.


  • [CHASSE] has a conscientious staff who worked around buildings that were occupied with little or no interruptions. All projects have been completed on schedule due to the constant communication in progress. As a result of their participation in the preconstruction phase, they have been able to return some money back to the district which allowed us to do additional projects that were not part of the original scope.

  • CHASSE Building Team provides an outstanding team of individuals that ensure every aspect of the project is taken care of and any concerns of the client are addressed immediately. Our project was a fairly complex endeavor, yet CHASSE came through and provided an award winning project, completing it a month ahead of schedule. During the entire process of any project they are involved in, they provide the highest quality personnel to assist in answering any questions or concerns the client has, and building a true partnership along the way.

  • CHASSE Building Team did a phenomenal job building our project within an extremely tight budget. They complete the project on schedule. Their team worked extremely well with our staff and kids and I would highly recommend CHASSE for any future building opportunity.

  • CHASSE Building Team did an excellent job completing our school’s project during summer break. They were efficient, clean, on-time, and responsive to our suggestions. I would highly recommend their work. In educational jargon, they definitely exceeded the standard!

  • CHASSE did a great job! They set the bar for performance and returned significant savings at the end of the jobs. They really understand how the CM@Risk process is supposed to work!

  • [CHASSE] they have been the most pleasant group I have ever worked with. From day one, CHASSE took charge of the project and was able to provide us with the creative ideas for the club. CHASSE has a ‘can do’ attitude, they save money on the project and are on schedule! I highly recommend CHASSE to anyone who is looking to build a quality building!

  • We are happy to recommend CHASSE Building Team to any company in need of construction services. They were exceptional in tailoring their services to best fit our needs at any given time. Their consistent attention to detail and efficient cost control has made them a reliable company to work with. I will continue to work with such an outstanding group of individuals and recommend them without hesitation.

  • Not only is CHASSE focused on the obvious goals of delivering the project on time, of high quality, and within budget, but there is also an extra effort made in regard to identifying and satisfying any extraordinary needs the project may have. My most compelling reason to recommend CHASSE is that they care more about the client relationship than any one project. Their underlying attitude transcends to all of the CHASSE Building Team members and is evidenced by how they conduct themselves on a daily basis.