Building a Better Community with Agua Fria High School

Partnering with Agua Fria Union High School District, Agua Fria High School, Generation T, Timberland PRO, and Lowes, volunteers spent the day building 60+ picnic tables for the community through a program called The Better Building Project!

Over 100 Agua Fria High School students gathered in the Agua Fria parking lot Monday morning to build picnic tables for their school and their feeder school districts, Litchfield Elementary School District and Avondale Elementary School District, in addition to the surrounding community! Students were able to choose from five stations ranging from measuring lumber to staining the picnic tables. By the end of day we constructed 63 picnic tables, all built from scratch!

Students started by measuring and cutting lumber for the tabletops, then moved to assembling and drilling the table pieces together, sanding down the tables, branding the tables with the Agua Fria and CHASSE logos, and finally staining the tables! Students were able to talk with mentors from CHASSE and our industry trade partners to learn more about specific trades within construction!

The Better Building Project is designed to introduce students to the opportunities skilled trades can provide directly out of high school! Currently there is a huge gap in the skilled labor industry! Generation T, one of our partners, is helping to shape a new, positive perception of the skilled trades by providing exposure and opportunities to students. If you’re interested in partnering with Generation T or learning more about it, click here!

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A special shout out to Timberland Pro for supplying work boots for students and volunteers and Lowe’s for donating all our lumber!