Belen Soto Elementary Celebrates Cornerstone Event

Get ready for the Storm because Belen Soto Elementary School celebrated their Cornerstone event this past week! Complete with a custom photo booth and the opportunity to participate in the masonry work, District officials, Dr. Lattie Coor, Litchfield Park Historic Society members, staff, future students and community members attended the event on Wednesday. Attendees were able to hear from Litchfield Elementary School District’s Superintendent Jodi Gunning, Board Member Kimberly Moran, Belen Soto Elementary Planning Principal Courtney Frazier, and Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord. Guests were able to meet Belen Soto Moreno and her husband, Rudy Moreno, and learn about her story.

Top to Bottom Right: Attendees at the Cornerstone Event, Attendees writing advice to future Belen Soto Elementary Students, Chasse Building Team with LESD Superintendent, Jodi Gunning, Planning Principal Courtney Frazier, and LESD Board Member Kimberly Moran.
Top to Bottom: Barry Chasse, Son of Planning Principal, Courtney Frazier, and Belen Soto Moreno laying cement.

Belen Soto Elementary School is Litchfield Elementary School District’s 16th elementary school, also dubbed LESD’s Sweet 16, the school pays homage to Litchfield Park’s roots as well. Belen Soto Moreno grew up in Camp 54 of Goodyear Farms, near the current location of her future namesake school on Goodyear’s master-planned community called Sedella. Graduating as Valedictorian from Litchfield High School in 1954, Belen Soto was the first Southwest Valley-based Mexican-American to graduate college. It’s only fitting that LESD named their newest elementary school after Belen Soto; after graduating from Arizona State College, now known as Northern Arizona University, Belen Soto Moreno earned her degree in teaching and went on to become a teacher for Litchfield Elementary School District’s neighboring school district, Avondale Elementary School District.

Attendees at the Cornerstone Event

Not only does this new school have deep historical roots but represents the diverse community within it’s boundaries and hopes to be a beacon of possibilities for it’s students. The school is currently under construction with a majority of the masonry work finished and steel beams in place.

The 16th school for Litchfield Elementary School District is inspired by Verrado’s Heritage Elementary. Belen Soto Elementary will be a two-story, 85,000 SF, energy efficient school equipped with innovative learning spaces, a special area building with a gymnasium, music room, art room and science lab, a media center, baseball, softball and soccer fields, as well as additional spaces for future needs,

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