Walls are flying at Wood Elementary

Since breaking ground last fall, it’s been a busy few months of construction for the Wood Elementary construction team! Wood Elementary, part of Tempe Elementary School District, is undergoing a complete rebuild. The new school is being constructed from the ground up on a site adjacent to the existing facilities, while remaining an occupied and active elementary school campus.

Last month, crews put concrete walls into place by crane to create the overall building structures. After all of the walls were placed, steel columns and joists, as well as some wood joists, were lifted and placed to complete the entire outer structure of Wood Elementary’s three new school buildings, which total nearly 70,000 square feet.

In the video above, you can watch the walls being lifted into place and you can also use your mouse to look around the building! Click, hold and drag on the video to get started!

When complete, the new Wood Elementary will house 30 classrooms, administration and office space, a learning commons building, a multipurpose room, and last but not least, a cafeteria building, which also will house three music classrooms! The new school will provide outdoor dining and learning spaces and a new parent drop-off and pick-up area. The Wood Elementary School rebuild is slated for completion in Fall 2020 – just in time for the new school year!

For progress updates or more information on the Wood Elementary rebuild, visit woodelementary.chasse.us In the meantime, click through the gallery below for recent progress photos from the project!