The Creighton Academy

Creighton School District

Phoenix, Arizona

Completion Date
Summer 2020

Built in 1884, The Creighton Academy, previously known as Creighton Elementary School, is rooted deep in Phoenix’s history. But as architectural and interior design for educational facilities evolves, schools like The Creighton Academy look to renovate and rebuild to create a more modern, learning environment for its students. 

Through a year-long rebuild, The Creighton Academy traded in its traditional classroom settings for open, collaborative learning spaces, which allow students to explore, work together, and ultimately better prepare them for the future. The new campus features three modern two-story buildings, a new gymnasium, cafeteria, upgrades to the athletic fields, and more. Learning and fun intersect at the school’s central learning stairs, which serve as a focal point of design, and with two slides connecting the school’s first and second stories. In addition to classrooms and open learning spaces, students can spend time in one of Creighton’s many open gathering spaces, complete with seating areas, individual and group learning spaces and unique decor items. The new school also features multiple site amenities to engage the surrounding community, including sports fields, playgrounds, a community garden area, and an amphitheater.