Creighton Elementary School Celebrates New Beginnings

The construction industry is constantly evolving especially within the K-12 industry. Schools have evolved to spaces where students and teachers can be flexible, creating learning environments where students thrive and stay engaged. Being built in 1884, Creighton Elementary School is rooted deep in Phoenix’s history. Last week, District staff, school faculty, community members, and students celebrated the groundbreaking of the brand new Creighton Elementary School that is being rebuilt. Not only does this celebrate a brand new school, but brand new beginnings for Creighton students, staff, and the surrounding community.

The design for schools is evolving. Whole schools are becoming a learning experience with the incorporation of learning spaces throughout the campus. Thanks to the design panel for the new school, which consisted of SPS+ Architects, Creighton School District Superintendent, Dr. Donna Lewis, William Creighton (the schools namesake), Creighton School faculty from all disciplines, district staff, and current students, the Creighton School is getting a huge transformation. Each person on the design panel contributed ideas for the new design and furnishings. The new 72,000 sf school will feature an open concept design with flex spaces for students and teachers, complete with two interior slides from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor. The new school will also feature multiple site amenities that will engage the surrounding community as well.

Recently, the school went through a demolition phase of the existing classroom buildings, parking, and fields in order to construct three new two-story buildings that will serve as the new Creighton School. Site improvements also include new parking lots, soccer field, playgrounds, a community garden area, and an amphitheater. The school is slated to open in Fall of 2020.

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