CHASSE Volunteers at FIRST Lego League’s State Championship

Earlier this month, our team members were excited to volunteer at the FIRST Lego League competition through ASU’s Fulton School of Engineering Education Outreach program!

Our team members volunteered as Robot Design Judges where they discussed the evolution of each team’s Lego robot. The judges then scored each robot on mechanical design, programming, strategy, and innovation.

How it works: Each team had four runs on the competition table to complete as many “missions” as possible within a specified time limit. Each mission was worth a different amount of points. In addition to creating the robot and performing missions, the teams had to present to the judges panel in three areas:

1. Core Values: The teams had to present what it means to live by the FIRST Core Values and how they impacted the teams interaction. The FIRST® LEGO® League Core Values include discovery, innovation, impact, inclusion, teamwork, and fun; these are the cornerstones of the program.

2. Project: The teams had to pick a real world problem and propose a solution to the judging panel. Problems ranged from homelessness to transportation issues.

3. Robot Design: Lastly, the teams presented and described the attributes of their robot and how they programmed it to complete the different competition missions.

The Robotics Team at Deer Valley USD’s Sonoran Foothills School was one of this year’s participants!

In October, the Robotics team visited the Deer Valley School #31 job site to take a tour, learn about construction and ask questions of the project team in preparation for their project! In December, the Robotics invited CHASSE’s Deer Valley #31 team to their school to preview their idea for the competition. It was great to see their project come full circle when they competed at the Lego League competition. They even won a trophy for their awesome teamwork!

About FIRST LEGO League: FIRST LEGO League is an exciting and fun global robotics program, designed to ignite an enthusiasm for discovery of the basic principles of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) in children, ages 9 to 14. The program creates a call to action for children in the state of Arizona to take risks and think big in order to create innovative solutions for everyday problems in our communities. Together in partnership with Arizona State University, FIRST LEGO League can create an inclusive program and life changing experience for their students and their futures.

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