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arizona based, arizona focused.

A construction company is only as good as what they have achieved today. It doesn’t matter that we have been around for 10 years, built great things, and serve our communities. History is important, but what we do today is what matters most. In order to build great things, we need great people. People who love what they do, love where they work and love the people they work with. 

CHASSE Building Team is a collection of construction all-stars that are local to the state of Arizona! Our teammates have been involved in everything from large ground-up construction projects to small Job Order Contracting projects all across the state. CHASSE Building Team employs over 120 local staff members to ensure every awarded project is completed on time and within budget. We are wired to thrill our local clients and we will stop at nothing less!

What's a typical day like at CHASSE?

When you arrive, you’re greeted by our CEO of Hello, Sherri! She keeps our spirits up, belly’s full, and keeps CHASSE running like a well-oiled machine. The first thing you’ll probably notice is we have no offices! Barry has cultivated an open, collaborative space for all of us to work in. This allows open communication between all employees which has increased productivity, created strong employee morale, and a more inclusive environment.

Team Recognition

Milestones are a big deal here at CHASSE; we love to honor and recognize our employees when they achieve something significant. Celebrate your five-year anniversary and you’ll receive a personalized bobblehead. Big project win or maybe it’s your birthday? Let’s ring the ship bell. We support our employees through career development, volunteering in their communities with friends and family, and providing flexible work hours so our employees can do the things they love outside of work. We are firm believers that your vibe attracts your tribe!

Team Camaraderie

Because we love our team members (and their families!) we plan annual camping trips and staycations to show our appreciation for all of our hard work and sacrifices throughout the year.

Perks are great, but our company culture is more than that! Our company is built on collaboration, open communication, and having fun! We believe experiences create camaraderie, trust, and a more inclusive environment. If that kind of experience happens at the ping pong table, catered lunch or a company retreat, then those are things that exemplify our workplace culture.


Chasse Building Team recruits the brightest and best talent to join our team every day.